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Watershed Committee, Save the Guararé River

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One of the main goals of the Pro Eco Azuero Foundation is being at the forefront of the conservation of our environment. On this basis, we work together with the watershed committees to help us have a community approach. On this occasion, our overall approach is focused on the pollution the Guararé River is suffering, which belongs to the province of Los Santos. The river is used by residents of this region for recreational use. Due to contamination, the river has caused diseases such as conjunctivitis, resulting in skin allergies that affect both children and adults. This is one of the most worrying issues, reminding us that as citizens we must take care of our water sources.

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Considering the community is not often aware of these issues, the decision was made to conduct three informative tours in the upper, middle and lower parts of the river in conjunction with members of the 126 basin committee. This committee is made up of members of different government institutions, NGOs and community members. The three communities visited were Cucula, La Enea de Guararé and Nanzal which belong to the upper, middle and lower parts of the Guararé River. Three focal points of this research show the observed results of the tours. Engineer Daniel Vergara, chairman of the 126 Basin Committee, made the presentation based on schematics, maps and results to disseminate the information to the community.

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In short, the results that were released were that the Rio Guararé is polluted due to the amount of chemicals that are thrown in its shores, negatively impacting aquatic life and limiting the river’s recreational use. Similarly, the amount of swine products found along the river come from tributaries. The Pro Eco Azuero Foundation seeks to create new methodologies through environment-producer-community interactions, creating opportunities to implement new techniques that do not negatively impact this water source.

In the same way, we also provide support to the Basin 126 Committee for the creation of a Caldera River sub-basin committee to further strengthen ties with the community and contribute to improvements in these environmental issues. These are issues that affect all the residents of Los Santos, Azuero and Panamá in general.

We invite you to be part of our efforts. Follow us on our various social media accounts @proecoazuero to find out about our events. It is up to everyone to fight for a sustainable Azuero for future generations.

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