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The Azuero Eco Foundation takes part in the folkloric traditions and customs of Pedasí.

The month of October arrives and with it come the festivities celebrated in many of the rural communities of the interior of the country. In this case we celebrate with the community of Pedasí its XVII Parade of the Cart, Culture, Folklore and the Loose Bull in Pedasí (XVII Desfile de Carreta, la Cultura, el Folclore y el Toro Suelto en Pedasí).

The structure of the wagon was made of guacimo and bamboo poles; the roof was covered with palm leaves and dried stem leaves. Mr. Ramón Castillo Cedeño and Mr. Ramón Castillo Mendoza were in charge of it.

The decoration of the cart was in charge of the Pro Eco Pelaos, children from the community of Pedasi who visit the Foundation every Friday to learn about environmental issues. For more information about this and other educational programs, you can read the blog article The Azuero Eco Foundation is training the future environmental leaders of Azuero

The children were committed to the preparation and assembly of the cart, as they were the main participants of the Azuero Eco Foundation in the parade.

Our cart was inspired by the use of recycled materials to turn them into valuable resources. The use of plastic bottles as planting containers is a clear example of simple recycling that we can implement in the homes of our community.

Since we have been nominated for “Heroes for Panama” this year, the theme of the cart was: We are all Heroes, to remind the Azorean people that the commitment to conserve our environment is the responsibility of EVERYONE!

In the Azuero Eco Foundation, apart from practicing recycling and reforestation, we try to actively involve the new generations so that these practices are increasingly reinforced, which contributes to the conservation of our habitat and can make a valuable contribution to our environment and ecosystem.

On the day of the parade the Eco Artisans of Bajo Corral and Paritilla also participated and took part in the music of the delegation. We were also supported by volunteers for various tasks during the day of the parade.

After the parade comes one of the most eagerly awaited moments by all and an important part of the festival: the release of several bulls in the main street, creating an atmosphere of suspense of what will be the direction chosen by the angry animal. This year one of the bulls was taken to the main park, causing great commotion and fear to the people who were in proximity to this area. Fortunately, there were no damages and the animal was captured.

The true essence of participating in these events is to share an important experience with the community and to contribute to preserving local traditions as part of the legacy to future generations. For us as a Foundation that is committed to the Azuero region, it is of utmost importance to be part of the cultural activities of the community.

We thank all those people who attended, participated and were part of the delegation of the Azuero Eco Foundation. They made this activity a joyful event to share with family and friends.

To learn more about us and our activities, follow us on our social media networks @proecoazuero.

If you are interested in being part of our volunteers, write us an email to

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