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Youth launch town recycling project

Volunteers before presenting the Pedasí Recycles bins at the Telethon Pedasí 2010 When trash is burned it contaminates the soil and the air that we breathe, and it poses serious health risks. The time has come to do something about it in Pedasí. Launched in 2010, Pedasí Recycles seeks to incentivize recycling culture and education as a way to protect natural resources and human health. On December 11th, representatives from Children of Azuero (NIDA), the Pedasi Green Youth Movement, and the Azuero Earth Project established seven sets of recycling bins (aluminum and plastic) in the following Pedasí locations:

  1. Abarroteria Melany

  2. Dulcería Yelys

  3. Abarrotería Stephany

  4. The corner of the park (Clarisa Quinzada’s house)

  5. Residencial Pedasí

  6. Distribuidora Libadi

  7. Plinio Moscoso PrimarySchool All Pedasí residents are invited to participate by recycling juice, soda, water, and hard plastic bottles, and plastic plates/cups in the bin that says PLASTIC or soda, beer, tuna or vegetable cans in the bin that says ALUMINUM.

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