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Students at Community Schools Celebrate the Azuero Spider Monkey!

  1. Azuero Animal Relay – A guessing game where players learn how to describe characteristics of local wildlife species.

  2. Monkey Twister – The Challenge! – A game of twister where players represent spider monkeys and learn important tree species for spider monkey survival while trying not to fall in a forest that grows smaller and smaller.

  3.  The Forest of Luck - A version of chutes and ladders that explores how forest gaps and regrowth impact wildlife differently.

  4. Fruit-a-mania! –  An active game in which students collect as many fruits as possible while evading a poacher in a diminishing forest habitat. Through these games, AEP staff and volunteers encouraged students to identify local animals and native tree species and consider what happens to the Azuero spider monkey as its habitat becomes more or less fragmented (for example, someone plants a tree or cuts trees down to build a highway). Students also sang traditional “tamborito” songs with environmental messages about the future of the spider monkey subspecies and the importance of conserving the Azuero dry forest. [caption id="attachment_4865" align="aligncenter" width="620"]

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