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Pro Eco Azuero's summer camp 2023 ended successfully!

From January 30 to February 10 of this year, the Pro Eco Azuero summer camp was held, in which more than 30 children from different districts of the province of Los Santos joined with great interest in learning. The children, free of charge, had the opportunity to share learning about different topics with the exhibitors and organizations to encourage them to be great environmental heroes. At the end of the camp, we had a day of leisure where the children were able to connect with nature, observe monkeys, the native trees of our forests, as well as enjoy a waterfall at Eco Venao (Ecological Hotel in Playa Venao).

The children learned about the importance of reducing the use of plastic, making organic fertilizers, conserving our forests, first aid, identifying native trees in the Azuero region, effects on coastal areas due to climate change, creating of an organic garden, among other topics.

The children's parents have expressed their satisfaction when listening to their children comment on what they have learned. Many of them have commented that these types of activities are very gratifying and enriching for the training of children in the region. At Fundación Pro Eco Azuero we want to achieve a change that is sustainable over time. We firmly believe that educating children, who are the future owners and leaders of our land and the true agents of change, is how we will be able to create environmental awareness in Azuero.

We thank all the organizations that supported us such as Earthshot Labs, CIMA Pedasi, MiAMBIENTE, National Police, SINAPROC, Fundación Mar y Tierra, Eco Venao, Animales Santeños, and the invited experts like Panamaste Natural, Atelier Escarlata, and all those who donated their grain of sand by accompanying us and offering us their knowledge throughout the two weeks of camp. In the same way, we thank all the parents for the trust, effort and interest in having the children participate and learn in this event.

Are you interested in participating as a volunteer or attending our environmental education events? Call us at 995-2995 or follow us on our social networks (@proecoazuero) to find out about upcoming events.

We are ready to welcome you again next summer!

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