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Huevo de gato, near El Arenal Beach, Pedasi c. Ruth Metzel

The wet season is here and so it is time to plant TREES! Trees are essential to our lives. They provide income in the form of wood, fruit, nuts, medicines, and other products. They feed and shade us, our cattle, and the wildlife that surrounds us. They serve as a source of family and national pride for generations and generations. Do you have a favorite tree? What is its story? Is it the tree you escaped to with your first love? Is it in the place on your land where you see the most beautiful birds and monkeys? Or is it the tree that provides you shade to rest after every long day of work on your farm?

Share your tree story! In honor of this coming tree-planting season, the Azuero Earth Project announces our PHOTO-storm tree photo contest! Submit a photo of your favorite tree (native species on the Azuero), its location (be as specific as possible) and its story to win a prize! Submit your picture and story by facebook (directions here) send an email to by August 1, 2011. For more information on the contest and tree species please contact Ruth or stop by our office in Pedasi! Our judges panel will name the following winners: FIRST PRIZE: USB Flash drive, Azuero Earth Project T-shirt, and copy of Arboles y Arbustos de Panamá/Trees and Shrubs of Panama SECOND PRIZE: Azuero Earth Project T-shirt and copy of Arboles y Arbustos de Panamá THIRD PRIZE: Azuero Earth Project T-shirt

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