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Perfect Earth Project /Azuero is on Facebook!

It’s been more than a month since we officially celebrated the launch of our new identity: Perfect Earth Project /Azuero or,“Proyecto Tierra Perfecta /Azuero.” As you know, this change is a result of our growth as an organization and the evolution of our mission.

During the last five years, our organization  has developed according to the environmental and ecological needs of the Azuero Peninsula. Through our work in reforestation projects, we have realized that to successfully conserve and restore the peninsula, we must also promote sustainable land use and educate future generations on ecology and biodiversity in the Azuero Peninsula.

In addition to our responsibility to the environmental needs of the Azuero, we also have a responsibility to our more than 2000 followers on social media who want to know about our work, other Azuero related news, information regarding toxin-free agriculture and the world’s most recent developments in sustainable land use management.

We have therefore created a new Facebook page which will be our only page on Facebook as of today. Follow us at: Proyecto Tierra Perfecta /Azuero


Remember to also follow us through our Instagram page where we share photos of our daily whereabouts, as well as through our Twitter account where we share relevant articles and publications relevant to our mission.




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