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Pedasi Recycles!

  1. The Azuero Earth Project

  2. Distribuidora LIBADI

  3. Residencial Pedasí

  4. Cooperative Rancho, Bajadero/Arenal Beach

  5. Pedasí High School (Instituto Plinio Antonio Moscoso)

  6. Estación Edy

  7. Clarisa and Cusi´s house, Main Plaza Question: Which materials are recycled by the Recycle Pedasí project in Pedasí? Correct answer: Hard plastic and cans (aluminum and junk parts) Winners were given t-shirts and maps of the Project. Do you want to participate in more activities related to recycling in Pedasí? If so, join the Recicla Pedasí (Recycle Pedasí) group on Facebook. The Recicla Pedasí project encourages education and culture of recycling as a method to protect natural resources and our health throughout our region and collaborates with the Alcadia, the Movimiento Juvenil Pedasí Verde, the Instituto P.A.M., the Azuero Earth Project, and the Organization de Niños de Azuero.

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