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Jay Chiat Environmental Learning Center, the Azuero Eco Foundation’s Home!

Casa Pasa

Jay Chiat Environmental Learning Center

Home is the place that creates a sense of calm and safety that people look for to live. This is exactly what this house represents for The Azuero Eco Foundation. This is the place that shelters the hope of building a greener Azuero, the place where tons of ideas on how to continue to restore the region’s habitat are born.

This compound holds the Azuero Eco Foundation office ever since it started. It ish ere where all the planning of our projects take place. Here, we receive people that is looking for information about environmental topics, it is a refuge of environmental knowledge. Every friday, this becomes a school for the Pro Eco Pelaos, one of our environmental education programs. For more information about this and other programs we host, visit our webpage:

Memoria de Jay Chiat

January the 3rd, was a great day for our organization, as Edwina Von Gal, founder of the Azuero Earth Project, now the Azuero Eco Foundation, believing in our environmental efforts, has officially donated the house to our organization. Edwina Von Gal was the creator of this space, she dreamed that this compound would host such a commendable project.

In memory of her late husband, the house is now named: “The Jay Chiat Environmental Learning Center”

Jay Chiat

Born in Brooklyn and trained in communications, Jay Chiat became one of the most influential advertising executives of the 20th Century by combining innovative, challenging ideas, with a great sense of style. He pioneered the viral campaign and open office plans. He championed diversity in the workforce. He made the 1984 Super Bowl commercial and Think Different Campaign for Apple. His inspiration and generosity helped to make the founding of Azuero Earth Project, and construction of its offices possible. With some luck, perhaps even a little of his radical thinking and unconventional spirit can live on here.

Casa Pasa

The Miram Wosk Art Patio

Memoria de Miriam Wosk

The learning center also has an outdoor area, perfect to host art workshops, Eco Artisan meetings, environmental education presentations, among others. The patio has been named: THE MIRIAM WOSK ART PATIO, in memory of Edwina’s Von Gal great friend and artist, Miriam Wosk.

Arte de Miriam Wosk

Miriam Wosk 1947- 2010. An artist who worked in mixed media, paint and collage and even jewels, Miriam’s talent, joy and love of nature exploded off her canvases. Born in Canada, she moved to New York where she worked as an illustrator and drew the first cover for Ms. Magazine. She was so much in demand, she moved to California to focus on her art and it was there that her paintings became her primary work. She was an early supporter of PEA and we look forward to many young artists being inspired by her work on the patio. To see images of her work and a film about her vision, go to

Casa Pasa

For the Azuero Eco Foundation, it is a true privilege to have this extraordinary facilities that are at the complete disposal of anyone who wants to learn about habitat conservation and want to work for a more sustainable Azuero. We want that The Jay Chiat Enviroinmental Center, becomes a community house, where knowledge is shared, and a spirit of harmony with nature can be sensed. We want this place to be the place where new ideas and visions are born to make Azuero, the place we all dream about.

The Azuero Eco Foundation team, members of the board of directors, and community members, we are all very grateful with this sincere act of altruism for such a noble and just cause like the conservation of our ecosystems, our region, and our planet Earth, our common house.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Azuero Eco Foundation, and it’s role in the Azuero región, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in @proecoazuero or visit our webpage:

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