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Eco-Artisans in Azuero: Preservation and Innovation

Taller Mua Mua

Last July, in cooperation with the Foundation Mua Mua, we conducted a workshop about preservation and innovation of crafts, in our offices in Pedasí, which illustrated different techniques focused on the traditions and innovation of local crafts. The aim of the workshop was to contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and to combine it with innovative techniques to create added value.

The workshop was facilitated by Rosina Ynzenga, president of the Foundation Mua Mua, which is the first Center of Cultural Preservation of the country (2011). The Foundation is committed to keeping alive the essence of Panamanian crafts, thus helping to preserve the cultural roots of the country.

Approximately 15 artisans and leaders of the surrounding communities Bajo Corral, Paritilla, Vallerriquito and La Miel participated in the workshop.

The workshop focused on teaching artisans to preserve their works as a fundamental part of Panamanian culture, and at the same time provided them with new ideas to promote and sell their works in a more attractive way to reach different markets, either inside or outside the region.

Special emphasis was placed on how products should be promoted, taking into account that when you sell your products you also sell a story and that is where the product comes to life and gives a special meaning to the purchase.

In the Foundation Pro Eco Azuero, we hope to keep implementing workshops which encourage and support regional artisans to preserve their traditional methods and techniques for the production of their crafts while at the same time adding a modern touch to address the current demands of the market.

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