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Closing of a successful year of Reforestation in the ecological corridor of Azuero

Our reforestation program in the ecological corridor of Los Santos aims to reforest 80 kilometers that follow the Oria River basin, in order to unify patches of tropical dry forest. This reforestation program invites farm owners interested in reforesting their basins. The program consists of a series of activities to ensure the successful reforestation of their farms that will provide ecological and productive benefits in the future.

It is an arduous task that begins in January in the search for new farmers, ranchers and property owners who wish to take part in the restoration of our biological corridor in Azuero, with a view to the conservation and restoration of the spider monkey's habitat. Thanks to the collaboration of our team, Peace Corps members, and committed members of the different communities, we achieved the inclusion of nine new members to our list of farm owners who want to fight for a sustainable Azuero and who are interested in the conservation of our tropical dry forest. This year we managed to reforest more than 3,200 seedlings in the communities of La Miel, Vallerriquito, Paritilla, Venao and Bajo Corral. These seedlings are monitored throughout the year, observing their growth, general health and mortality rate in order to replace any seedlings and o be able to ensure the future of the forestt.

As a way of thanking the reforesters of the year for their great cooperation with the Azuero Eco Foundation and for the maintenance and conservation of their parcels and seedlings, they were given certificates of recognition and a prize for the producer who has shown the greatest care and attention to the seedlings on their farm.

As a Foundation we are proud to work together with farmers and ranchers who are fighting to conserve and maintain our Azorean forests. If you are interested in reforesting with us, do not hesitate to contact us at 995-2995 or write an email to

It is time for us to do something to conserve tropical dry forests, restore the habitat of the Azuero Spider Monkey and to create communities more resilient to the effects of climate change.

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