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Azuero Spider Monkey School Initiative Expands to Reach 8 Communities in 2017

In 2017, the Spider Monkey School Initiative has expanded to include 2 more schools (Bayano and La Miel) along the ecological corridor that we are striving to create in Los Santos province, reaching a total of 8 communities in the area – Los Asientos, Oria Arriba, Bajo Corral, Colán, Nuario, Vallerriquito, Bayano and La Miel.

These educational activities initiate a constant dialogue with the children for them to voice their opinions and stories. Environmental education isn’t complete with just one session, which is why this year we gave each school a box of environmental games so that children can continue playing them to strengthen their environmental awareness and knowledge. The environmental film night is the concluding activity of the day which includes the greater community. AEP connects with the community’s adults, informing them about AEP’s activities, and establishes a link with community members to spark collaborative reforestation efforts. This year, AEP presented the documentary "Cuando se Acaben los Bosques" to illustrate the current deforestation of the Azuero region.

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