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AEP Presents at First Tonosi Environmental Conservation and Ecotourism Fair

Emilio Mariscal with tree specimens AEP had a blast at the Tonosi Environmental Conservation and Ecotourism fair on February 24th, 2011! Volunteers led educational games for children from our spider monkey educational initiative while Emilio Mariscal, forestry engineer and professor at the University of Panama, engaged the community on the uses and characteristics of native tree species. Along with a survey raffle for educational materials, there were enticing books available for perusal from our Azuero Resource Center. The day was a full one, with presentations by Conservation International, Niños de Azuero, ARAP, ANAM, Peace Corps, the Universidad Maritima Internacional de Panama and other local community conservation and cultural groups. Many thanks to the Peace Corps and the Mayor’s office of Tonosi for organizing this wonderful event - we hope to attend many more in the future!

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