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AEP kicks off the 2014 Educational Initiative in Los Asientos

  1. Nitrogen Cycle Game - Acting as a nitrogen atom, students traveled to different stations of the atmosphere, filling out their "nitrogen passport" with different stamps in order to understand the Nitrogen Cycle

  2. Soil Experiment- Students tested sand, clay, and compost to understand water filtration and soil types.

  3. Crop Rotation- Acting as land owners, students decided what to plant for the following 5 years in order to maximize production AND soil health.

  4. Making Compost- Students learned the principles of decomposition and then headed out the garden to mix up a batch of compost

  5. Building Raised Beds- After talking about water retention and erosion, students built raised beds in their garden and seeded native cucumber and bean varieties [caption id="attachment_14057" align="aligncenter" width="620"]

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