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Since 2010, Pro Eco Azuero has been dedicated to reforestation, habitat restoration, sustainable land management, and environmental education with the mission to preserve the earth’s ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and promote healthy communities by helping people to make informed decisions, take sustainable actions, and share knowledge.

Pro Eco Azuero is a “living laboratory” located on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula focused on reforestation, habitat restoration, sustainable land use and environmental education. We combine community outreach with science and fieldwork to create models that are scalable and replicable worldwide.


The Azuero Spider Monkey is our guiding symbol because it is one of the rarest subspecies of primates in Central and South America, yet vital to our ecosystems. The few that remain on the planet live only on the Azuero. 

What We Do


Pro Eco Azuero has developed a community-oriented approach to conservation that includes working alongside farmers to replant trees, working with local teachers to create lesson plans around conservation and sustainability, and partnering with local supporters to foster a culture of conservation and land stewardship.”

- The New York Times

Latest News

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Your donations help us work with communities in Azuero to reforest the vulnerable ecosystem of the dry tropical forest. Our vision is of a renovated Azuero peninsula, with a protected dry forest, supported by a loving population. Your donations make a profound difference towards achieving our goals.

Your contributions are tax deductible under DGI Resolution No. 201-4940 of September 2, 2019.

Donations can be made through our savings account:
Banco General, Fundación Pro Eco Azuero 
Savings Account: 04-40-98-014975-0

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