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Regional leaders participated in an Innovation and Design Thinking Workshop with SENACYT and the IDB

Taller de Design Thinking

In cooperation with the National Ministry for Science and Technology (SENACYT) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), an Innovation Workshop, applying the Design Thinking methodology, was held at our facilities in Pedasí on August 14, 15 and 16, 2019.

The workshop was given by the Argentine-Dutch researcher and consultant Gerardo Neugovsen. He works for local and national governments, private and international organizations, MSMEs entrepreneurs, universities and NGOs from various Latin American, European and African countries, and develops diagnostic models of entrepreneurial skills.

Different influential and outstanding personalities of Azuero participated in the workshop: doctors, businessmen, students, members of civic clubs, professors, environmentalists, members of NGOs, etc.

The main objective of the workshop was to identify the challenges encountered by the different communities in the region in order to design possible social entrepreneurship solutions that could solve them.

Using the different tools provided by the Design thinking methodology, the different groups which have been formed worked together to create innovative projects that would help solve existing problems. This method is a flexible process that promotes the sharing of experiences, where users are encouraged to empathize with one another by applying creative thinking. Above all, it is fundamental to work as a team.

It was very interesting to see how members of different communities and associations shared similar problems. By uniting their different points of view, very positive conclusions were drawn from the workshop and ideas for new innovative and viable projects to be implemented within the region.

This type of workshop seeks to engage communities and to connect them with networks of opportunities for the implementation of community projects that promote empowerment and sustainable social entrepreneurship in order to achieve transformative change and bring value to society.

For us as a foundation, it is a real pleasure to host and support this type of activities, that serve as a platform for constructive learning and connect us with the region in which we are active.

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