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Organic Humus – An Ecological and Economical Fertilizer

If you want a pumpkin the size of Cinderella’s carriage, perhaps the answer does not lie in traditional chemical fertilizers. On October 22, AEP Guest Expert Dr. Eliecer Vera explained his way of cultivating Black Gold to the Pedasi community, using the Red Californian Earthworm with a method that he has perfected through a decade of experimentation. Organic fertilizer recreates the natural humus that decomposing insects create naturally in a more efficient way, which drastically reduces the need to buy chemical fertilizers. For more information about organic fertilizer and tools to start your own project please contact the Azuero Earth Project at 995-2995.Click here for more information on the process of making organic fertilizer in a tropical setting. View Dr. Eliecer's powerpoint presentation here. [caption id="attachment_2542" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

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