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Charting a Path to Better Waste Management in Pedasí

  1. Restructure garbage collection routes in a way that saves time and resources (e.g., reducing fuel use of each vehicle) • Reduce the number of stops made in densely populated areas such as the center of Pedasí.

  2. Place collection centers in areas where the collection vehicle does not obstruct the route and the road is in good condition;

  3. Apply stricter controls in the landfill to prevent fires and improve the health of people living in the surrounding areas;

  4. Use composting methods and vermiculture for the areas of Venao where 60% of the waste is organic and it is inefficient to compact the waste and transport it to the landfill;

  5. Provide constant maintenance to collection vehicles planning visits to the mechanic;

  6. Standardizegarbage collection containers

  7. Prioritize reuse, reduction and recycling as a way to make waste management more sustainable. Even though resources are scarce, this is an important issue for the long-term sustainability of the district. Guy's study shows that urban planning and technology can help us increase the efficiency of everyday tasks such as garbage collection. However increasing efficiency requires a joint effort between governmental and non-governmental organizations and private individuals. For more information on Guy’s research, please see his PowerPoint presentation.

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