Advisory Board

Photo: Natalia Reagan

Geoffrey, The Azuero Spider Monkey, Ateles geoffroyi azuerensis, is our indicator subspecies and guiding symbol because it is a vitally important but critically endangered species in the Azuero dry forest ecosystem. The few that remain on the planet live only on the Azuero. They are victims of rapidly decreasing habitat, hunting, and capture for the pet trade. They are particularly smart and cute, but also shy, which may be why they have managed to hold on this long. However, the loss of habitat and shrinking gene pool may be more than they can manage. We are working to stop the killing and capture of Spider monkeys, and all monkeys, and provide them with sufficient habitat to ensure their future.

Mark Ashton, PhD. Professor of Silviculture & Forest Ecology, Dir of School Forests, Yale University

Sunny Bates, Sunny Bates Associates

Bronson Griscom Forest Carbon Sicence Coordinator, Climate and Tropical Forest Initiative, The Nature Conservancy

Nancy Hechinger, Faculty, NYU/Tish Interactive Telecommunications Program

Drew Lebby, PhD. Change Management Specialist; Senior Partner, The Performance Group

Maya Lin, Artist, Architect, Environmentalist

Scott Mori, Nathaniel Lord Britton Curator of Botany, New York Botanical Garden

Stephen W. Pacala, Petrie Professor of Ecology; Director, Princeton Environmental Institute

Faith Popcorn, Trend Expert, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve

Robert Ridgely, Director, World Land Trust, author, Birds of Panama

Carl Safina, Founding President, The Safina Center

Mark Wishnie, Managing Director, Equator Environmental

Alexander Vreeland, former Board Member